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Our team of local licensed Providers at 1st Choice Np Telehealth are available to attend to your medical needs through a video call, anywhere in Texas, California, Oregon, Illinois and Vermont.

Why We Need Teleconsultations & Online Provider

Visiting a provider at the clinic can be a costly and time-consuming affair, which is another reason why many of us choose to skip the trip and self-medicate instead.

For minor ailments like the common cold, taking over-the-counter drugs and getting sufficient rest may be a viable solution. However, some symptoms could be an indication of underlying health problems and putting off the provider’s visit can lead to late detection and reduce survival rates.

Sometimes, all we need is a simple consultation with a qualified health practitioner to put our mind at ease and medication to manage the symptoms and feel better, and teleconsultation can do just that.

Conditions Our health practitioners Can Treat

Cold and Flu

Digestive Problems


Sinus Infection

Chronic Conditions And More

Medical Care by Licensed health practitioners Online 24/7, Anywhere in Texas

Feeling unwell but dread the long queues at the health practitioner’s? Have a loved one who needs medical care but is immobile or unwilling to step out of home? Need to see a health practitioner but can’t find the time to make a visit to the clinic? Looking for a specialist referral or need a medical certificate?

With teleconsultations, you and your loved ones can get the medical care you need wherever and whenever. Save time and cost on transportation and skip the queues at hospitals and clinics.

In less than 30 minutes, get connected to a Texas-licensed medical provider online in the comfort of your home.

Whether you need medical attention for an acute illness or follow-up consultation for a chronic condition like diabetes, qualified nurse practitioners can help.

How 1st choice np telehealth works ?

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Cost of services

On average, consulting a health practitioner online costs approximately $40 to $90 in US , but subsidies and insurances are available to offset some or all of the cost.

Initial visit


Follow up visit


Make Home Care Personal To Your Loved One

Get started with a  consultation today, and learn why many trust 1st Choice NP Telehealth to deliver the best care in their homes.